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Chris is a Merrickville artist whose style focuses on highly texturized and vibrant abstractions. Installations in similar styles are also available.


Born and raised in Merrickville Ontario, I have always been fascinated with highly saturated colours and artistic styles which are vibrant, abstract and defiant.

With exploration and experimentation came the discovery of my passion. At first my paintings involved splattered abstracts which were reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. As I continued experimentation, my interests shifted to encompass photography, my ability to manipulate photoshop and the application of vibrant abstract finishes to furniture. 

Working alongside my uncle I had the opportunity to help with interior designing and construction in “The Works” restaurant franchise here in Canada. From the construction work I did there, I discovered an exciting new technique of using texturized drywall compound in my paintings. These are my latest works and my current focus, all of which you can see on my website! It is with an outlook of perpetual passion and exploration that I hope to hone my creative skills and set out on a career as an “artist”.

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